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Vibrations of Emotions

January 6, 2012

For as long as I can remember, I have been sensitive to emotions.  Not only my own, but I felt others emotions.  In fact, I often absorbed or took on their emotions without realizing what was happening.  It made me very sensitive and tired.  It wasn’t until I read Power vs. Force that I started to understand why I had such a physical reaction to emotional situations.

Before I share what I learned in Power vs. Force, let’s create a foundation for understanding how vibrations work and how those vibrations are associated with emotions:

Emotions have unique vibrations just like colors and physical objects do. These emotional vibrations also go from higher/faster to lower/slower. When you are laughing and having fun, your body’s vibrations are lighter (higher and faster). When you are tired and sick your vibrations are heavier (slower and lower). You know how when you are in love, you feel “energized”, “high”,  like you’re “walking on a cloud?” That’s because your emotions are literally adding voltage and power,  lightening your body. And when you’re negative and depressed, you feel sluggish, “feeling low,” “heavy”. “I’m down today.”  Your emotional vibrations are giving your body a slower, lower vibration. This is not speaking metaphorically. This is scientifically measurable.”  (Phyllis Kirk, The Magic of Quantum,

Knowing that emotions have a measurable frequency or vibration, it becomes even more critical that we learn to manage our emotions.  If we let our emotions manage us, we will be in a low-vibration state.

So now, back to Power vs. Force.  In David Hawkins’ research, he measured the vibration of different emotions.  This is illustrated in this chart:

On the left are the range of emotions we can experience, the measurement of the emotions are at the right.  You will see that shame has the lowest vibration – 20.  Enlightenment (being in communication with Heaven) has the highest vibration at 1000.  Vibrations under 200 are considered to be destructive to our well-being.  Isn’t it interesting that look at the emotions and states of being associated with vibrations under 200:

Shame, humiliation, guilt, blame, apathy, despair, grief, regret, fear, anxiety, desire, craving, anger, hate, pride and scorn.

Here’s the real kicker:  it is estimated that between 85-90% of the population live in the emotion states that vibrate under 200 (quite honestly, it is probably under 50).  Is it any wonder that we have epidemic obesity, depression, suicide, anxiety, stress, divorce rates…  We are living in a continual state of low vibration.  We are just surviving.  Barely.

Today’s lesson in our quest for transformation is the critical need to elevate your emotions.  You are the only person who can decide what frequency you will live at.  It takes effort.  It takes constant evaluation of your feelings.  It takes determination.

My mother was a fabulous example of a woman who had decided she was going to be happy no matter what.  Regardless of what challenges life threw at her, she was determined she would move forward in faith, knowing God would protect her and provide for her needs.  She worked hard to be a high-vibration person.  She lived at a vibration of 500 or higher most of her life.  Why?  Because she made the conscious decision that she was going to be happy and never deviated from her commitment.

Have you made that decision?  If not, today is your day!  Decide in this moment that you live at 200 or higher, no matter what!  The key to success here is breaking the habit of negative thoughts.  You must watch how you react to every situation and hold yourself accountable.  You will be amazed at how your higher vibration lifts others.  In time, those around you will also be vibrating at a higher frequency because that’s just how it works.

Vibrations attract similar vibrations – you will automatically improve their mental state by improving yours. You will have a more positive impact on others by raising your frequency than anything else you can do.  It’s powerful!

Here’s to a 200+ day!

Until next time friends,


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  1. nukleuz permalink
    January 25, 2013 2:53 pm

    thank you soo much!!!

    Another great way to increase your vibrational energy is by eating food of high frequency. Raw foods!! Fruits and herbs being the highest and then comes vegetables coming last.

    All love light and truth

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